We are currently working on recording our first album and we would love be able to release physical copies but we need your help. MP3s are great way to purchase and listen to music and we will definitely make our fourth coming album available in MP3 format through as many websites as possible however its not easy to sell MP3 file folders on a Merch table at a show. 

Even if you prefer to listen to music as an MP3 there are still plenty of other people that are still interested in owning a physical CD or vinyl copy of the music they listen to. We have everything we need to make some totally decent recordings we just need your help in raising the funds  to have the CDs and vinyl records created. Vinyl in particular is very expensive to produce so right now the vinyl release will be our stretch goal and the CD release will be our main focus for the fund raiser  The goal right now is $5,000 for both a CD and vinyl release and $2,000 for just the CD. Imagine for just $14 a day you could fund God Hates Unicorns first album release. Give today won't you?